Loaded Questions ft

kids, don't try alcohol when you're too young please! I've wanted to do a drinking video for so lonnngggg, I'm so glad I did it with Addy because we had so much fun 😂
hope you enjoy!

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  1. Aashna Hegde

    Aashna Hegde

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    I’m so glad so many of you are enjoying this video, I know there’s some of you that might have found this boring but that’s fine guys! It’s good to experiment and if you didn’t like this video, there’ll be something else you’ll enjoy on my channel. Thankyou so much for all your feedback though🤍🤍

    • Vishal Mehra152

      Vishal Mehra152

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      Who says that it was so damn funny bro😂😂

    • Pratiksha Pimple

      Pratiksha Pimple

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    • kookliet minslet

      kookliet minslet

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      I can guess the question whose answer was timothee 😍😍😝😝😛😛

    • Shravani Patil

      Shravani Patil

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      It is best video ♥️😍

    • Mahima Singh

      Mahima Singh

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      I love addy and you together😍😍

  2. Sejal Keshri

    Sejal Keshri

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    I just love your content

  3. Sejal Keshri

    Sejal Keshri

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  4. Aarushi Shrivastava XF 02

    Aarushi Shrivastava XF 02

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    Omg!!! Favorite character ~ Song joong ki from descendents 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

  5. Himanshi Goyal

    Himanshi Goyal

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    Kerala ka juice rakha chahiye tha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Radhika Mundada

    Radhika Mundada

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    am I the only one who is still guessing their question...and its been month I'm still trying to figure it out 😂😂

  7. Vanshika Sharma

    Vanshika Sharma

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    Aashna Ko chadh gayi thi👀😂

  9. Kinjal Sharma

    Kinjal Sharma

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    Do this challenge with unnati di and ashi di also ❤

  10. Shivani Bisht

    Shivani Bisht

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    2:17 addy sari bahut bek mtlb theek hai 😅😅😂😂🤣🤣



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    Jb hm sunne in the car in 11 lth standard at that moment I understood what the question is 😁😁😂

  12. Merugu Dikshitha

    Merugu Dikshitha

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    Introducing bulbuli the dogie😂

  13. Anjali Badgujar

    Anjali Badgujar

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    lmao ,i guess everyone in this world is obssesed with song jong ki bcos why not.

  14. Janvi Patel

    Janvi Patel

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    Who also want second part of this with ashi??

  15. vani sharma

    vani sharma

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    drunk addy is♥️

  16. Aula_04


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    I bet addy definitely has a soft corner for aashna 😁🤭

    • Lavanya Gupta

      Lavanya Gupta

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      yaaaarrrrr feeelll the sameee



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    • kanza Fatima

      kanza Fatima

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      Yeah same

    • Saachi Dugar

      Saachi Dugar

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      I feel the same bro.

  17. 248 Maanvi Jain

    248 Maanvi Jain

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    Maanvi jain pls shout out my name

  18. Khushi Jain

    Khushi Jain

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    lets make a ship of aashabh❤

  19. Parminder Kaur Matharu

    Parminder Kaur Matharu

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    And also say the question so that we can also understand

  20. Parminder Kaur Matharu

    Parminder Kaur Matharu

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    Plz do more such video wid each of the damfam member

  21. Jaskirat Singh

    Jaskirat Singh

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    Hahaha it's fun video but I want to know the questions 🤭🤭🤭Yrr question bhi reveal krne the 🤭😂😂😂❤love u but

  22. vijay jyoti dant

    vijay jyoti dant

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    Fh e fjrrh

  23. jaismeen kaur

    jaismeen kaur

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    Other part with aktk plss #aktk

  24. Sana Shaikh

    Sana Shaikh

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    Want part 2 with rishu it will be fun Who agree 👇

  25. Neha Kadhre

    Neha Kadhre

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    Watched this again to see Aashna laugh after "mein toh princess thi" 🤣🤣🤣🤣this is just too good

  26. Ayushi Chauhan

    Ayushi Chauhan

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    Please do this wid whole damnfam if possible other plzz do with manav and arsh ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍🙏🏻

  27. Gauri's Gardening

    Gauri's Gardening

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  28. Ritika Parmar

    Ritika Parmar

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    Nonsense questions that they were not revealing questions and ans together

  29. Aastha Raj

    Aastha Raj

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    14:31 😂😂😂

  30. Yatra Adhikari

    Yatra Adhikari

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  31. hajrah ahmad

    hajrah ahmad

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    This was so fun thanks

  32. hajrah ahmad

    hajrah ahmad

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    7:30 im guessing ik the question hahaha

  33. Nandu Jamwal

    Nandu Jamwal

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    Addddyyy ❤❤❤❤❤

  34. Nandu Jamwal

    Nandu Jamwal

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    Want more #addishna videos ❤❤

  35. Nandu Jamwal

    Nandu Jamwal

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    Addy and aashna goals 😘❤

  36. vijay jyoti dant

    vijay jyoti dant

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    Dxt rn

  37. Rudraksh Gupta

    Rudraksh Gupta

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  38. Rudraksh Gupta

    Rudraksh Gupta

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    Drunk aashna> 😂♥️♥️



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    Monthly earning of ADDY in current is 95000 I think whats ur view

  40. Purnima Mathur

    Purnima Mathur

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  41. Patel Prusha

    Patel Prusha

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    Please make videos with addy more n more😂

  42. Pupa Skater

    Pupa Skater

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    I love bhindi too🤤😅😂



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    Who all want that they reveal all the questions

  44. aniket behera

    aniket behera

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    I know the last question

  45. Ankita Bhardwaj

    Ankita Bhardwaj

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    Last part wAs amazing ❤

  46. Simran Shaikh

    Simran Shaikh

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    No I didn't like it much.. Very suspicious they kept everything a secret after all.. Ntng interesting..!

  47. Rhythm Goel

    Rhythm Goel

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    this video was not good bcoz u guys didnt reveal anything it was so boring pls dont make such videos

  48. priyanka kalsi

    priyanka kalsi

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    Loved this video❤❤❤❤❤Made my mooddd soo much better. I love you guys! Thank you for existing, Sunshines. ✨ and thank you for being the real you.

  49. Rishi Barot

    Rishi Barot

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    Isse type kii videos aur chaiyee

  50. S Banu

    S Banu

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    I am really shocked....😂becoz when I heard SONG-JOON-KI ❤️❤️I am kdrama lover...hope u reply if u r?!...

  51. Sakshi Mandale

    Sakshi Mandale

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    aashna ko chadh gayi hai, the way she is laughing omg so cutee

  52. Happu Kaur

    Happu Kaur

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    Do you all drink 😚

  53. Sanniva Sarkar

    Sanniva Sarkar

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    Mazaaa aaa gayaaa😂😂😂 sachmee🤣🤣😂

  54. me and my keyboard

    me and my keyboard

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    Add: what does Sara do?? Me: interrupt me while watching video😁😁😂😂

  55. Riya Nagpal

    Riya Nagpal

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    This type of drinking video with whole damnfam

  56. Sakshi Tiwari

    Sakshi Tiwari

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    Answer bhi nhi bata rhe, questions bhi nhi Video banayi kyu h.. Apne gossip ke liye?

  57. Ekta Mehra

    Ekta Mehra

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    Addy yaar

  58. Sakshi Jain

    Sakshi Jain

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    The last question was.. How many peoples they have dated in past😂

  59. Sanjita Parrikar

    Sanjita Parrikar

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    U are really cute aashna🌼🌼

  60. Alina Khan

    Alina Khan

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    It was fun to watch 😀

  61. Madhavi Mk

    Madhavi Mk

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    Hey what is this only u guys are enjoying hoo so bad entertain us also right ashna I did not expect this from you

  62. Vanshika Khurana

    Vanshika Khurana

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    song joong ki fans where u at!?🥰

  63. Mujardi Anjali

    Mujardi Anjali

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    I think the last question was how many ex u have🙄😂

  64. sevyam sharma

    sevyam sharma

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    i need more like this ( addy being a boy from Delhi ) 😂😂

  65. vanshika singla

    vanshika singla

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    seemed like you were playing for yourself 🥺

  66. vanshika singla

    vanshika singla

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    btwww DF* takeoverr

  67. Poulami Das

    Poulami Das

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    Hatts of to the efforts of trying different challenge ❤️

  68. Diya Sata

    Diya Sata

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    I can't get over this video😂♥️

  69. Shweta Thakur

    Shweta Thakur

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    Btana chahte the ya chupana ...smjh he nhi aaya ...

  70. Rafia Naaz

    Rafia Naaz

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    i have subscribed

  71. Rafia Naaz

    Rafia Naaz

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    i am saying this video was the bestt everr

  72. Sanskriti Naik

    Sanskriti Naik

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    Love descendants of the sun love kdramas and love u and ur channel ❤️

  73. Marzia Shahroz

    Marzia Shahroz

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    Love this one

  74. Jiya Parmar

    Jiya Parmar

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    It's so boring if u guys didn't wanted to reveal then why did u even make video 😕😕

  75. Ravishka R.

    Ravishka R.

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    Hapiness & bathtub🤣🤣🤣

  76. Jinal Patel

    Jinal Patel

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  77. Khushi Shetty

    Khushi Shetty

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    Bulbuli hegde 😂😂😂😂😂

  78. Hasa Salam

    Hasa Salam

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    Song joooon ki ♥️♥️♥️

  79. Zarana Shah

    Zarana Shah

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    Aashna ko shots Chad jaye che

  80. Muskan Taneja

    Muskan Taneja

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    Still watching this video 😌😂

  81. Meena Sharma

    Meena Sharma

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    Can you do Loaded questions part 2 with unnati and manav..?! Please..

  82. Ananya Bhadaorea

    Ananya Bhadaorea

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    I am dying hass hass ke

  83. Vaibhav sakhuja

    Vaibhav sakhuja

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    @addy tv hoodie khan se khridi bro ?????

  84. Shaila Khan

    Shaila Khan

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    Addy is so cute

  85. Vansh Chawla

    Vansh Chawla

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    I am watching it for second time...

  86. Shivam Pandey

    Shivam Pandey

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    Woowww after 2 shots aashna was high❤️❤️😉

  87. Ameera Kabir

    Ameera Kabir

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    Am I the only one who realizes that Addy connects with Aashna more than Sanket does?

    • Ameera Kabir

      Ameera Kabir

      8 दिन पहले

      @Dishita Gupta yes 🤣 but it was just my personal thought. So please #AaSan dont attack me 🤣

    • Dishita Gupta

      Dishita Gupta

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      i feel the same but be careful some.ppl might atatck you!

    • Radhika Mundada

      Radhika Mundada

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      yeahh..even I think that😅😅

    • Anjali Dogra

      Anjali Dogra

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      Soo truee❤ i love to see these cuties together.... They seems more closer...than aasan...

  88. ashmeet !

    ashmeet !

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    watchingg it for the 10000th timeee n stillll lovinggggg itt❤️💃alsoo congratulationnssss to our gurlll for 700K💜☀️🥂

  89. Pratiksha Nandgaonkar

    Pratiksha Nandgaonkar

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    Aashna you were so pretty when you are normal but after drunk you were awesome 😂😂😂 such a cutie ❤️❤️❤️ n addy you 🥵♥️

  90. Anvesha Manaktala

    Anvesha Manaktala

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    Aash finally mujhe koi mil gaya hai Me starts singing in my mind koi mil gaya koi mil gaya lol

  91. Nids oza

    Nids oza

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    700k in no time

  92. Simran Kumar

    Simran Kumar

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    Awesome 🥰

  93. Jyoti Pandey

    Jyoti Pandey

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    I am the only one who thinks there should be part 2 in which they will reveal the questions 😀

  94. Zainab Ajmer

    Zainab Ajmer

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    You won't believe me when i was young i also wanted to become a rikshaw driver🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. Vaidehi Patel

    Vaidehi Patel

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  96. Pearl _

    Pearl _

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    9:35 Aron Piper and Timothée Chalamet 🧃

  97. dr. vithika kapil

    dr. vithika kapil

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    Aash n addy are love ❤

  98. Murlidhar Bokade

    Murlidhar Bokade

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    Please can we know the last common question? BTW I love your videos 🥰😘

  99. Shreya Sanjay

    Shreya Sanjay

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    I got all the questions 😉 Specially the last one😏

  100. Sukanya Chetia

    Sukanya Chetia

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    The last question must be how many guys/girls have you kissed or made out😂❤