1. Aashna Hegde

    Aashna Hegde

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    FIRST, DON'T SKIP TO THE END PLEASE!! SECOND, comment here AFTER you watch the video and tell me if you guys like my new look 💃💓



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      I really enjoyed a lot



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      Wow 🤩 amazing I wish I have a hair like you Your hair cut 💇‍♀️ look was amazing 🤩



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      I ❤️ your hair

    • Thanisha🦋


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      It was looking so good✨



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      Love your new look !!

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    Damnfam Fan Page

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    Pari Jain

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    so pretty!!

  5. Parikahaha aha

    Parikahaha aha

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    Rewatching this and fell in love again.

  6. Aparna Rao

    Aparna Rao

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    i was the happiest person when shloka and kushi started to speak in tulu ... mangalore and udupi people of karnataka can relate lol

  7. Chaahat Patel

    Chaahat Patel

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    7:07 aashna for a second thought what if I actually don’t like it ... she gives confidence to herself that she will try to like much as much as she can...😂

  8. Prerna Modi

    Prerna Modi

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    That's Awesome ❤️😘

  9. Sharvari Dhuri

    Sharvari Dhuri

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    Rewatching aashna's video is my daily routine ❤❤❤

  10. Gopi Mistry

    Gopi Mistry

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    We love ese types of vlogs!!!plzz do more ese types of vlogs 🥺 love you♥️

  11. vijay jyoti dant

    vijay jyoti dant

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  12. Abhinetri M

    Abhinetri M

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    Loved it

  13. Art,craft and activities

    Art,craft and activities

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    Imagine get heart'from aashna

  14. Tanisha Arora

    Tanisha Arora

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    GIVE ARSH A HAIRCUT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Tanisha Arora

    Tanisha Arora

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    Aashna you gave so much guts😆❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

  16. Tanisha Arora

    Tanisha Arora

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    Khushi ki khushi😂

  17. Tanisha Arora

    Tanisha Arora

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  18. Preesha Rathod

    Preesha Rathod

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    please make a video on your room tour

  19. Anisha Kumari

    Anisha Kumari

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  20. Vrushali Deodhar

    Vrushali Deodhar

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    Wow her 😊

  21. avani jadhav

    avani jadhav

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    Alphanso mango🤣

  22. vijay jyoti dant

    vijay jyoti dant

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    Rcyur ri r ribu e ftvthv

  23. Shivanshi Deo

    Shivanshi Deo

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  24. gopal bhatt

    gopal bhatt

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    Aap ki mom ke hair cut kar ke dikhay please please please

  25. kannan


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    Aur short karne the😋

  26. Jini soni

    Jini soni

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    Which haircut is your before cutting your hair

  27. Padmaja Narayankar

    Padmaja Narayankar

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    Seriously khushi did so pretty cut wow

  28. Anisha Gusain

    Anisha Gusain

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    Nice look💕💕💓

  29. Innayat edits

    Innayat edits

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    6:34 her voice was super cute ❤️

  30. Dhriti Parekh

    Dhriti Parekh

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    House tour pls!!

  31. Shaila K Shah

    Shaila K Shah

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    It's good . It's very very good❤️❤️ . Good job khushi 👍🏻👍🏻

  32. 7B 10 Akshika

    7B 10 Akshika

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    Omg that "la la la la la la la" was so damn funnyyyyy😂😂😂

  33. Hafsa Mahveen

    Hafsa Mahveen

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    Aashaa is whole mood😆😆🥰

  34. Prince Shrivastava

    Prince Shrivastava

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    Mam pls try bob haircut and donate for cancer patients.

  35. Vedashri S

    Vedashri S

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    Hegde...? Are you from Karnataka??



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    Uhh guss are best sisters🥰🥰

  37. Sakina Tahery

    Sakina Tahery

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    The official video starts at 2:16 Thank me later

    • Nandini Shrivastava

      Nandini Shrivastava

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      Thanku 😂😂❤️

  38. Ishana B

    Ishana B

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    Khushi is literally gorgeous 😍

  39. Taiba Barambia

    Taiba Barambia

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  40. Taiba Barambia

    Taiba Barambia

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  41. Taiba Barambia

    Taiba Barambia

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    Kushi di is best

  42. Savitha Poojary

    Savitha Poojary

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    Love from Mangalore

  43. Ishwar Singh

    Ishwar Singh

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    अंगरेजो के तलवे खूब चाटो फटे हूवे चपल की षकल की

  44. madhurita deb

    madhurita deb

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    Yrr these 4 sisters yrr , kitna masti krte honge sath mein

  45. Poornima Baddi

    Poornima Baddi

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    does khushi resemble alanna pandey

  46. Charvi Dewan

    Charvi Dewan

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    10:50 OMG so funny how u cry

  47. Taiba Barambia

    Taiba Barambia

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    Khushi love u

  48. Fit Sati

    Fit Sati

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    Di you are your sis is so cute

  49. Mahek Koli

    Mahek Koli

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    After seeing ur haircut I did the same with my sister's help❤️❤️

  50. Sabiha Tabassum

    Sabiha Tabassum

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    when she talk she looks and her actions are same like nagma mirajkar

  51. Tanushree. tanu.

    Tanushree. tanu.

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    Are you from Karnataka??

  52. Rushda Majid

    Rushda Majid

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    Ohhhh my goddd khushi you are so professional and aashna I just loved your haircut ❤️❤️❤️

  53. Jesse Nunez

    Jesse Nunez

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  54. Siya Gandhi

    Siya Gandhi

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    3:17 Khushis silent laugh is sooo cute💓💓

  55. Yana1303


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    U r looking soo beautyfull

  56. Kayenat Nurain

    Kayenat Nurain

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    Love u yrrr...looking so good...i love u yrrr...loveee....❤

  57. Mamta Boke

    Mamta Boke

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    Looking gorgeous

  58. Xjvdujfd Jgfuhbff

    Xjvdujfd Jgfuhbff

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    I have also have a tonsil in neck

  59. Rutvi Thaker

    Rutvi Thaker

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    looking super

  60. areeka_editss


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    I am subscribe

  61. Jatin Bharti

    Jatin Bharti

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    I came here only for khushi♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  62. swati jagtap

    swati jagtap

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  63. swati jagtap

    swati jagtap

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  64. swati jagtap

    swati jagtap

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    Niceee look

  65. Anuj Kumar

    Anuj Kumar

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    Who thinks khushi looks like Sonakshi Sinha ( look at thumbnail)

  66. Sanjana Hari

    Sanjana Hari

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    So beautiful it suits u btw😊

  67. Toshani Sethia

    Toshani Sethia

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    10:49 😂😂😂

  68. Ameya Hegde

    Ameya Hegde

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    Aashna is too funny yaar! The style of talking and everything... -ps: Tuluva here... I guess you'll know from the username only ok bye

  69. Deepa advocate

    Deepa advocate

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    Any Kannadigas

  70. unknowntoyou


    8 महीने पहले

    I'm like: Can khushi come to my house and do my haircut? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. Kashvi Gupta

    Kashvi Gupta

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    U look amazing 😍 khushi did an amazing job❤

  72. Ananya Pandey

    Ananya Pandey

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    Khushi didi really lookkss like Kajol ma'am's daughter, Nysa.😍❤ Like if you agree.👀❤

  73. Sai Shreya

    Sai Shreya

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    5:38 slokha was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  74. Mumeeza Lamya

    Mumeeza Lamya

    8 महीने पहले

    Please speak in tulu

  75. Mumeeza Lamya

    Mumeeza Lamya

    8 महीने पहले

    Please speak in tulu

  76. Suvarna Deshmukh

    Suvarna Deshmukh

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    She looks like mouni roy a lotttt❤️😍

  77. Khushi Patel

    Khushi Patel

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    Looking nice

  78. Amina Ali

    Amina Ali

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    She has cutted your hair like a proffesional hair stylist

  79. Jasreet Gill

    Jasreet Gill

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    4:15 look at Khushi lol 😂

  80. Gagana Reddy

    Gagana Reddy

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    Love you🖤🖤

  81. Vidagoti Neethika

    Vidagoti Neethika

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    Kushi kush hagaya

  82. Arpana Chhabra

    Arpana Chhabra

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    Very nice hair

  83. M-0654-09 ANVESHA L BHAGERIA


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    Seeing this video 568478th time😂 Idk whyy!! 😅

  84. Ayesha Raza

    Ayesha Raza

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    The way aashna love her sister i think nobody love that much That the thing everyone love you my love you tuber I will pray you will grow much more 🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  85. Khushi A

    Khushi A

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    Plz do a home tutorial

  86. Safwan Shaikh

    Safwan Shaikh

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    I like the new hair cut

  87. Swati Pandey

    Swati Pandey

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    U are looking cute ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🙂

  88. Aarti Jain

    Aarti Jain

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    Khushi Di well done

  89. Tiya Chand

    Tiya Chand

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    Both are so cute 😍😘

  90. Vasundhara Bire

    Vasundhara Bire

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    We all luv uhh gal .!!💝🔥

  91. Mehul Mac

    Mehul Mac

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    Didi I m coming to cut my hair

  92. Murali Pathak

    Murali Pathak

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    Kushi return a new hair cut's video

  93. Duran Hadimli

    Duran Hadimli

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    Goot Goot Goot love you

  94. Supriya Virpe

    Supriya Virpe

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    Looking nice in this haircut

  95. Chhaya Dupare

    Chhaya Dupare

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    Looking so beautiful 😍😍

  96. Papeeta dodeja

    Papeeta dodeja

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    Nice 😋😍

  97. Manisha Mewara

    Manisha Mewara

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    It's looking fabbb🔥🔥🔥compare to previous one❤❤❤

  98. Mimansha Agrahari 9A

    Mimansha Agrahari 9A

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    You're looking sooo pretty🤩😍😍

  99. Samreen ilyas

    Samreen ilyas

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    i have subscribed

  100. daksha mohite

    daksha mohite

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    nice hair cut