Did I Really Make Ramen? | Aashna Hegde

wanted to give this a go cause I LOVE RAMEN! hope you enjoy💜
here’s the ramen recipe I followed: intwo.info/most/v-iy/hXyuxpW0kalrsNQ

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  1. vinod bala

    vinod bala

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    hyy aashna love your video and here's a netfix series rain fab series must watch

  2. Mansi Savaratkar

    Mansi Savaratkar

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    Hey you can watch the vempire dairies

  3. Dia Shah

    Dia Shah

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    Anyways im seeing this freaking 8th time just for aashnas expression s 😭

  4. nisha rp

    nisha rp

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    everyone- very nice recipe , watching the video me- seeing her mangoes on her fridge my mouth- i am gonna kill your mouth if u dont give me those .

  5. Shreyal Nagrare

    Shreyal Nagrare

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    Army attendence💜💜👇

  6. Ankitha B P

    Ankitha B P

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    Please please please watch midnight Sun movie ☀

  7. riya jadhav

    riya jadhav

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    Why do you sound like janice🤣😭

  8. Aditi Mangla

    Aditi Mangla

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    I just wanted to know you Coloured your hair several times so do you have grey hair?

  9. नगीना आचार्य

    नगीना आचार्य

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    Yup...... Daallll Chawal is turu lobe

  10. Saanvi's craft

    Saanvi's craft

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    I am watching this video first time and tried it today only chicken ramen

  11. Indu bedi

    Indu bedi

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  12. pallavi sachdeva

    pallavi sachdeva

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    After forest gump, please watch ‘the terminal’ Aashna. You will love it

  13. Neeta Chaughule

    Neeta Chaughule

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    Best cooking video on your channel❤️

  14. Vartika Mishra

    Vartika Mishra

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  15. Kunjal K Shah

    Kunjal K Shah

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    ashan aand food I just love her food😋😋😋

  16. Nob Nib

    Nob Nib

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    Most favourite INtwor ❤️❤️❤️

  17. POPULAR 360 videos

    POPULAR 360 videos

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    I think you should come at my house to eat Biryani 😁

  18. Arpita Vasaikar

    Arpita Vasaikar

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    I m ur biggest fan since tiktok ,I just love your fashion, i do watch your n damnfam all videos all I wanna say that I love you di❤️ u r amazing🙌🏼 Hope u like my comment!~

  19. Bikharti Syahi

    Bikharti Syahi

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    I m watching this at midnight it's 2 am right now and i m feeling hungry.. and there's this lockdown, no maggie at home 😥

  20. Shally Goyal

    Shally Goyal

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    11:34 you could have used Maggi fusian Singaporean/ garlic one...to get that lemon grass flavour👍🏻



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    I have subscribed your channel I hope you give me a shout out

  22. Bhumika Singh

    Bhumika Singh

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    Just watch "descendants of the sun" you will love it soo much

  23. Tabrez Shaikh

    Tabrez Shaikh

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    Aashna we wanna more videos about cooking please make it for us💖

  24. Muskan Rao

    Muskan Rao

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    Sorry to say Didi ap Bahut over acting Karti hu video me kbhi kbhi Woh jyada Accha Nhi lagta

  25. Lamiya Shameer

    Lamiya Shameer

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    Missing aasan contents... Y ur letting down aasan fans. Evn aasan fans should make any videos or photos on aasan they should go for very old aasan contents.... Unnav n aktk nvr let down their fans

  26. Lamiya Shameer

    Lamiya Shameer

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    We wonna hear ur voice again aashna. Dnt let down ur God giffted talent... Pls we r eagerly waiting to hear ur voice again☺

  27. Lamiya Shameer

    Lamiya Shameer

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    Hope befikar part 2 releases😍

  28. Lamiya Shameer

    Lamiya Shameer

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    Aashna ur being pro chef👩‍🍳for food presentation 100/100...

  29. Vea Anuj Shah

    Vea Anuj Shah

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    Gilmore girls

  30. Khushi Jain

    Khushi Jain

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    lets make a ship of aashnabh❤

  31. Sneha Bohra

    Sneha Bohra

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    Watch it's okay to not be okay!!!

  32. Akshita Singh

    Akshita Singh

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    Watch Dark

  33. Bhoomi Singh

    Bhoomi Singh

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    Idk i love you're random cooking videos😍♥️

  34. Maha Yaqub

    Maha Yaqub

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    I don care about the ramen , i m just watching the video bcz of her ice cone wali piercing😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOVE IT

  35. Arnab Saha

    Arnab Saha

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    I don't understand how a person can dislike her video!😭. She is so honest and cute!♥️

    • Sania Zubair

      Sania Zubair

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      Only jealous peoples🤣🤣

  36. Supreetha V

    Supreetha V

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    Do watch Ratsanan - Malayalam Movie

  37. pooja seksaria

    pooja seksaria

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    Aashna: agar ye mere haath se gira..game over! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. manorama thorat

    manorama thorat

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    I didn't really understand the stock making process can you plz explain

  39. Shaikha Faezah

    Shaikha Faezah

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    We neeeddd #Aasan videos!

  40. Dikshya Shrestha

    Dikshya Shrestha

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    Wtf 😳 maggie noodles is not a ramen. Kuch bhi 😳😂

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    Sabitri Ray

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    Aashna are you a BTS army ⟬⟭💜

  42. Lalita Suthar

    Lalita Suthar

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    A vegetarian person watching non vegetarian dish only for aashna di ❤️ this is my biggest love for u ❤️❤️

  43. ThatPrettyPink


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    Your mothers skin is so so so kind of koreans skin i love her so much whenever i find any of your videos wallpaper having your mom in it. i definately wtch it..love her so much please convey my love for her... maam you are gorgeous just lkeep rocking

  44. Asif Shaikh

    Asif Shaikh

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    Any army 💜💜💜here?

  45. Mariyam Bawazir

    Mariyam Bawazir

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    can you plz make a ramen video ?

  46. Shital Deshmukh

    Shital Deshmukh

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    Wow your mom is kdrama fan🤩 wohhh 😍 is she a BTS fan too?

  47. Muskaan Fathima

    Muskaan Fathima

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    Who loves "The legend of the blue sea" ? I Love Lee min Ho 🥺❤

  48. Archana Chhetri

    Archana Chhetri

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    Lots of love to you aashna

  49. Trendy Shots

    Trendy Shots

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    Khushi gott braces ??? Isn't she??

  50. Diksha Uttamchandani

    Diksha Uttamchandani

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    Same pinch I love the mixing Wala part 😁

  51. Manasvi Prajapati

    Manasvi Prajapati

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    Hey aashna I've subscribed to your channel since a long time Can I pls get a shout-out ❤️✨

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    Vampire diaries

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    I literally search in which vdo ashna's siblings n mom n watch it

  54. Anushka Aurora

    Anushka Aurora

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    Aashna di i love ur videos ❤❤ i love that in ur intro " HI GUYS WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANELLLL" i love ur style ❤❤ i love uu ❤❤

  55. Mrunmayi Kannur

    Mrunmayi Kannur

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    Aashna just one thing...it's not Bombay it is mumbai..

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    Heyy Aashna,I subscribed your channel.. Getting more happy and fun

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    Mewarika Buhphang

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    You resemble Shreeradhe from India's next top model

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    So pa

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    Even my mom likes kdrama and turkish dramas😍🤭 ramen😋

  59. Krati Jain

    Krati Jain

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    What is the lip shade u are wearing in this please reply 🥺🥺🥺

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    Geeta Polar

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    Why do you talk in English



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    My child also do this when he is kid😂

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    Can we get a aasan videoo🥺❤️

  63. Shilpa Kansal

    Shilpa Kansal

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    Am I the only one who does not knew what is Ramen and seeing the thumbnail thought that it is something made with maggie 😂😂

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    Ramazan munarak

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    Can u please make a reel and show us how we can make a bun the way you do?

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    Make a prank video with Sanket

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    Art,craft and activities

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    Imagine get heart'from aashna

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    shrishti sharma

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    prank on sanket and kdramas which your mom watches

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    62. kahure Ishwari

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    Army attendance here 💜🧈👇

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    You should try it with egg noodles they work perfectly

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    Hi.. this is Yagyikka.... I have subscribed you .. love youuu... You are the best INtwor

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    Omg please tell me you are an army !!!!! Love you more

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    Hiii aashna eer yencha ular🤭🤭❤love you❤❤😚



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    Di I hope you are good you are the best INtwor and I miss you too much Bye di 😊

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    Heyy I subscribed you 🥳😍❣️❤️💞

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    717lakh subscribersss wuuhuu🥳💯

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    Nowadays damnfan members Using 18+ dialogue in each and every video of Their's which i think Won't be good for the young audience of them!!!

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    You look like malika arora

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    Aashnaa you should really watch .. Kingsman - The secret service (1st part) Kingsman - The golden cirlce (2nd part) These are Movies ..they are amazingg they are on - HOTSTAR !! (Pls check'em out) Love youuu Yours sincerely A bigg fann💞

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    Can anyone remind me in which INtwo video aashna di said she's watching descendants of the sun

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    Korea- Ramyun Japan - Ramen

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    Same me too

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    Art,craft and activities

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    Always active in youtube, instagram, Snapchat ❤️

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    pls share your night routine you have amazing skin texture

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    BTS new song BUTTER out on MAY 21!!!



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    Armies Have entered the Chat!!!